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TUESDAY, March 4, 2008
4 p.m.
Dickey Hall Auditorium
Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President, Presiding

Dr. Nelson called the meeting to order at about 4 PM


Dr. Nelson distributed and discussed the following handout:  6-page document, including: Statement by Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D., President Lincoln University, before the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee (February 26, 2008 – 9 AM) and the Senate Appropriations Committee (February 26, 2008, 3 PM) (2 pages); Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 2008-2009 Operational Budget Request Summary, Lincoln University (2 pages); Lincoln University 1999-2007. Lincoln University’s total request to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is $23,000,000, with $17,000,000 requested for Educational and General expenses, $3,000,000 for Technology/Distance Learning and $3,000,000 for Programs of Excellence.
Dr. Nelson also discussed recent national event impacting student financial aid:

  • In November President Bush signed the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007, expanding the Pell grant program
  • The sub-prime crisis in December has resulted in the current crises in the marketplace and in liquidity on
  • Some loan companies have decided to get out of the student loan business.
  • In 2007/08 Lincoln University student loans totaled  4,718 loans – approximately 2400 students receiving 2 loans each, a federal loan and private loan, requiring signature from family member
  • LU’s default rate is good, compared to national statistics: 10%

Dr. Nelson also reported on current and upcoming construction projects.

  • Library fenced in – some access to librarians
  • Wellness Bldg. $25 mil health & phys ed, cafeteria, being designed
  • $30 mil program to renovate landscape and athletic materials
  • Groundbreaking for International Cultural Center at the end of April.

In response to questions, Dr. Nelson made some additional comments:

  • Lincoln’s enrollment goal is 2600 students.
  • Growth has been planned – incremental plan.
  • The State does not fund residence halls, so Lincoln uses bond issues and pays through fees.
  • There is no plan to increase faculty as student body increases. A combination of full and part-time faculty is necessary for survival. The salaries of unionized contracts get top priority each year when budget is worked out.  Lincoln University tries not to price itself out of the market with student tuition hikes. Employee health benefits are a huge cost for the university.


  • Linda Stine asked the faculty to approve a statement of correction to the minutes from January 8, 2008.  The second sentence of the fourth bullet point under Middle States should be corrected to read:  Binders are due by 2/15, after which they will be reviewed, revised as needed, and made available to the visiting team when they arrive in April.”  There was no vote, but Dr. Nelson offered the opportunity for faculty to raise questions, and stated that there was no disagreement.
  • Elizabeth Pitt offered a correction to the February 5, 2008 minutes. The Ad Hoc Reading Committee, not the Education Department, is developing the great books reading list for students. The minutes were approved as corrected by the faculty.
  • Dr. Benson Prigg presented recommendation from the Educational Policies/Curriculum Committee. 
    • The motion to revise the Master of Human Services Curriculum as outlined in the documents MHS Curriculum Revision-Part 1 and
      MHS Curriculum Revision-Part 2  passed with one abstention. The changes include changing 2-credit courses into 3-credit courses and maintaining the 12-credit/semester course load, as well as adding and deleting some courses.
    • The three-pronged proposal for changes two the Education Department consisted of two courses being renumbered, one course being renamed, and two  new course being added. The recommendations were presented in one motion and passed.  The following were included in the motion:
    • Renumbered: Ed. 320 to Ed. 220 and Ed. 305 5o Ed. 208; number changes make these core courses available to sophomores.
    • Name changes: Ed. 205 change from Speech for Education Majors to Communication for Educators.
    • Two new courses:  Ed. 308 Foundations of Urban Education  and a Core Curriculum course, Ed. 150 Education and Society  .
    • School of Humanities Proposal change Religion 101 to Religion 201 for consistency with the School of Humanities numbering system.  The motion passed.
    • Horace Mann Bond Honor Seminar proposal: Guidelines for Horace Mann Bond Honors Seminar handout was distributed outlining the procedure for developing courses developed for the honors seminars.  The motion to approve the guidelines passed.

Dr. Nelson raised the question of how can faculty get out of the course renumbering process.  The Ed. Policies and Curriculum Committee will come back with proposal.


  • Middle States: Drs. Linda Stine and Patricia Joseph thanked the faculty and reported that some small changes are still needed.  The current draft of the report is at the following link:  Middle States Self-Study Report

B.  Report from the Faculty By-Laws Committee:  Committee Chair Mr. Albert Bryson distributed several handouts and suggested that faculty look them.

C.   Report from the Athletics Committee: Mr. Neal Carlson was not able to attend the meeting because he had to leave early, so Dr. Dana Flint spoke on his behalf, recommending that faculty move ahead with changes to the Athletics Committee in April.  The ongoing problem is that academic and athletic sides aren’t always aware of the other.  The Committee hopes to improve that and to improve retention rates of athletes.  Dr. Flint introduced two new athletics staff members: Ms. Schannon Gamble, Athletic Academic Coordinator and Head Women’s Coach and Ms. Natasha Wilson, Assistant Athletic Director and NCAA Compliance Officer.

  • Ms. Wilson reported that Lincoln is in the process of moving from Division 3 to Division 2; that the Athletics Policy Operations Manual for staff is undergoing revisions; and that there is increasing focus on academics.
  • Ms. Gamble reported that an academic study hall is in place for students with 2.—2.6 GPA; that this semester going better than last; that Dr. Walton has helped, and more faculty involvement is sought; and that students with less than 2.0 GPA cannot participate in NCAA.
  • Dr. Nelson commented that Lincoln set the 2.0 requirement – other schools are not as stringent.  He also mentioned that it is now against NCAA rules to recruit for athletics.

D.   Recommendation for a “Fall Semester 2008 Break”:  Dr. James DeBoy

  • Dr. DeBoy distributed memo of Feb. 2, 2008, proposing a fall 2008 semester break for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Homecoming Week, which would require extending the semester, which would increase costs. 
  • Discussion raised questions of increased cost as well as the likelihood of students not participating in Homecoming festivities because of the break.

E.    Report on the TLE Faculty Learning Community Meeting: Dr. York Williams and Dr. Melvin Leaman

  • Dr. Leaman reported that they are looking for faculty to get together and dialog about who students are and how we can best serve them. 
  • Seminars will be scheduled but Dr. Leaman asked for faculty input before planning them.
  • The first scheduled program will be on March 12, 2:30-3:30 PM in the Chapel Fellowship Hall – “Achievement Gap and Implications for College Students – where do we go from here?” (This was the same topic of meeting held on Feb. 12, the day it snowed, which cut down participation).  This will be an opportunity to dialogue on how to enhance learning at Lincoln.

F. Research and Publications Committee: Mr. Joseph McIlhenney announced the grant application, previously publicized in an email to faculty

G.   Update on the Writing Proficiency Program: Mr. Jason Esters

  • How can we help students improve writing?  This year is the implementation phase.
  • End of Feb. dept chairs and writing liaisons received review packet guidelines and recommendations for writing intensive courses.  Certification form to register and make sure that any course called writing intensive accomplishes what we want.  Posted on line on the “writing across the curriculum” site.  This month 3 workshops are scheduled.  Last semester plagiarism workshops were held.  This semester all faculty has access to
  • Thurs. March 6 and March 13, workshops 2-3 M-8 to help get started using Turnitin.
  • Digital portfolios: 1400 letters went out to students: 1) 4 writing intensive courses; 2) digital writing portfolio  Goes into effect for Class of 2010.  First workshop on digital portfolio will be this month – for truly interested – Sat. March 29 all day training for those really interested.  More general program will be scheduled in April, date to be determined.  Workshops will not be one-shot deal.  Emails will go out to faculty.
    • Dr. James DeBoy raised the issue that faculty has not approved the requirement of an electronic portfolio – just of a portfolio.

H.   Update on the Reading Proficiency Program: Dr. Joanne DeBoy (handout distributed)

  • In May 2007 each dept. was charged to select books for the core curriculum book list of required books.  Departments now need to report back to the committee.  
  • In addition, departments are being asked to help create a recommended reading list, separate from core reading list.  This list should cover the full range – classics, etc.
  • 3rd aspect: reading proficiency exam.  Do we have to analyze information differently? 


  • Dean Willis announced the first program in Ware Center Theater since the completion of renovations: a youth orchestra concert on Saturday night, March 8 – free tickets are available.
  • Dr. Nelson reminded faculty of the deadline for Distinguished Faculty Award nominations:
    • March 14: nominations due to appropriate deans.
    • March 28: faculty portfolios due to appropriate deans
  • Dean Thomas announced a successful grantsmanship program recently completed and urged faculty to sign up for the next one on Monday, March 31
  • Antoinette Gomez (Director, Women’s Center): HIV Aids-Awareness workshop March 18, 12-1 Women’s Center

Dr. Nelson adjourned the meeting at 5:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Gunn Pevar
Faculty Secretary




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