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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 8, 2008
4 PM
Ware Theater

Dr. Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order shortly after 4 PM.


  • Dr. Nelson called the faculty attention to the newly renovated theater, formerly called the Little Theater but now called Ware Theater, which is supposed to be acoustically state-of-the-art.  When all the technology has been installed it will provide the ability to record audio and video, digital state of the art, supporting the music and communications programs.  Recordings will be archived, and it will be easy to pull clips, according to Nancy Evans, who also said that there will be a feed to the basement of University Hall, where the digital files will be stored.  Dr. Nelson could not provide a time-table for when the equipment installation would be completed.In addition to the theater, Ware Center renovations include new art studios, and new equipment has been ordered for the language lab.
  • Other campus upgrades include adding a siren system – unusual sounds earlier were tests being conducted.  The university is also going to be  adding a cell-phone warning system, as well as a computer pop-up as part of the early warning system.
  • In addition, the university is working on updating the reading and writing lab for ACT 101 and 3-4 computer study halls are being added to the New Residence Hall.
  • Down the road, on-campus beautification will include (among other things) work on streets, curbs, and gutters, and Lincoln will be transformed into a pedestrian campus, with parking on the periphery.
  • In the athletics department, Lincoln will be adding a Women’s softball field, and redoing soccer and track facilities.  The Avon-Grove H.S. stadium is a model for what we will do for football.   Work is also planned for the Walking trail. The planned Health and Wellness Center will encompass Lincoln’s HPER program, Health Services, a new cafeteria, etc.
  • The Student Union building is coming along and should be ready in March.  Library renovations will start in March.  Over the winter break, academic departments moved back into Ware Center and University Hall, and the library began the process of moving into the modulars.  The Urban Center in Philadelphia also relocated to its new area in the building.
  • Mr. Hunter-Hayes added that in the library’s new location, books can still be put on reserve by faculty.  Shelves are being assembled to hold the 35 boxes of books in what will be the circulation area.   Circulating books can be borrowed from the main collection and through interlibrary loan.
  • A green flyer from Middle States (Evaluation Visit Roster, #32246) was distributed regarding the team visit, listing the team and dates of visit (April 13-15, 2008).

II. Action Items:

  • The minutes of the December 4, 2007 faculty meeting were approved.
  • Recommendations of the Nominating Committee, announced by Dr. L. Dade, were approved:
    • Judicial Committee – Dr. William Dadson to replace Dr. Oswald Richards
    • Juridical Review Committee – Dr. York Williams to replace the late Dr. Terence Johnson
    • Nominating Committee – Dr. Kaukab Siddique to replace Dr. Marie Nigro


  • Middle States…..Drs. Stine & Joseph:
    • Dr. Linda Stine announced “the light at the end of the tunnel,” and thanked Ken Vandover for editing the report over Christmas break.  She referred to the Self-Study Schedule for Spring 2008 that was distributed, showing the various steps that remain, with time-frames and deadlines.  The Middle States room has relocated from the library (which has closed) to Ware Center.  All supporting data are needed needed by 1/31/08.  Everything then needs to be bound by the 3rd week in February.The revised document will be posted on the Middle States blog, and a hard copy will be left in the library module for viewing.
    • Dr. Patricia Joseph referred to page 2 of the handout, which is Departmental Checklist for what needs to be in the binders.  It calls for syllabi for Spring 2007- through Spring 2008.
    • Syllabi relating to core curriculum as well as capstone syllabi would be included.  The
    • Middle States Evidence Room will be manned by M.S. secretary, who will receive all documents.  Binders are due by 2/15 and will be given to visiting team on 2/22.
    • Dr. Nelson asked who is responsible for delivering materials from the departments to where they are supposed to go and urged that Department Chairs make sure to deliver to Academic Affairs.  They should go to Academic Affairs, rather than directly to the Middle States Room.  He suggested that anyone who doesn’t want to climb stairs to Academic Affaris could drop them off in the President’s Office.  Also, everyone should email his/her CV to President’s Office and Academic Affairs.

Step-To-College Program….Dr. Prigg:

    • Dr. Prigg described the state-funded dual enrollment program, whereby students can get high school and college credit for courses taught by Lincoln University faculty.  American history and Eng. 102 have been offered.  The goal is to give students a way to earn college credit and save money.  The program allows the university to set parameters above the minimum 2.5, and Lincoln University has set the minimum at 3.0.  Out of 40+ students who have applied, 15 have been turned down.  Lincoln University pays no money, but it offers an opportunity to recruit top high school students from Philadelphia. The first year Overbrook High School was the partner.  One problem was that there was not enough latitude to select students.  After the first year, the state reduced funding, but Lincoln University decided to continue the program.  Although Lincoln was able to raise the standards and set its own GPA minimum, other problems persisted.
    • The question was raised about recruiting from local schools instead of Philadelphia. Dr.
      • Chikwem: reported that the Science School had extensive discussions with Oxford, and that a Memorandum of Understanding was supposed to go to OAHS Board, but the project died.
      • Dr. Prigg urged faculty to offer suggestions for possible courses other than those previously given and to think about participating in the program, which has the potential of recruiting top students for Lincoln.

Student Evaluation of Instructors…..Dr. Grant Venerable:

  • Last semester there were no evaluations, because of controversy surrounding the plan put forth by Dr. Brevett of Institutional Research, but for this semester a refined procedure has been developed for student evaluations. Faculty will be given schedule of times for Institutional Research to visit classes, and IR will then come to classes and administer the evaluations.
  • Discussion followed regarding whether assessment policy, which was set by faculty, could be changed by any other entity.  The problem was raised regarding the current system, which calls into question the accuracy and authentication of the evaluations.  Currently, faculty are given the forms and have the responsibility to distribute them, and a student is supposed to collect them and deliver them to IR.  These can result in a perception that the evaluations are not authentic.           
  • A motion passed to charge the Assessment Committee to bring a proposal to the faculty on how to improve the system to ensure accuracy and authenticity of student evaluations.
  • A second motion passed to charge the Assessment Committee to bring their proposal to the next faculty meeting, in February.
  • It was established that Dr. K. Favor is currently the chair of the committee and that other members include Ms. E. Pitt, Dr. Brevett, and Dr. Venerable. 
  • The Great Debaters….Dr. L. Dade
  • Dr. Dade called the faculty’s attention to the recently released film starring and directed by Denzel Washington, produced by Oprah Winfrey, about Lincoln University alumnus Melvin Tolson (Class of 1923), who coached the debating team of Wiley College in Texas in the 1930s. 
  • Although Lincoln is not mentioned in the film, we should take advantage of it as a recruiting tool, and we should try to offer honorary degrees to Washington and/or Winfrey. 
  • We should also show the film on campus.


  • Tracey Hunter Hayes: the library (modulars) will still have some classes – one classroom / computer lab.  M-8 will be the equivalent of Room 327 in Langston Hughes Memorial Library.
  • Dr. Venerable:  Passing of Mrs. Emily January, mother of Gladys Willis, Dec. 16, Dec. 22 service, Jackson MS.  Printed notices will be sent out.

The meeting adjourned at 5:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Gunn Pevar, Faculty Secretary



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