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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Dr. Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in the Dickey Hall Auditorium.  In Dr. Venerable’s absence, Dr. Nelson presided over the entire meeting.

There was no SGA report.

President’s Report:
Dr. Nelson reminded the faculty that each one of them should be participating in the Middle States Self Study Report, in order for Lincoln University to be conducting the Self-Study appropriately.  He invited Middle States Steering Committee Co-Chairs Dr. Linda Stine and Dr. Patricia Joseph to address the faculty about the process.

Dr. Stine noted that all task forces need to have draft reports completed before the December break. 

Dr. Joseph reported that from the Steering Committee meeting the previous Thursday it was evident that the Self-Study was in process, and people were being interviewed.  She estimated that three quarters of the teams were on task, but noted that a number of committees have had problems meeting.

Dr. Stine noted that the Self-Study should be a priority, after teaching duties.  The last Tuesday of each month had been established as a meeting time for Middle States committees, but some faculty still have problems because of teaching load, courses, etc.

The suggestion was made that during the Self-Study period, Schools could cut back on School meetings, to free up time for faculty to work on Middle States.

Dr. Stine urged faculty to come up with suggestions on how to address the problems preventing faculty from working on the Self-Study.

Dr. Nelson suggested that on-line communication – blogs, etc. – could be utilized.  He also noted that he had talked to his cabinet that morning about making themselves available to respond to questions from task-force members.

Drs. Nelson, Stine and Joseph all emphasized the change in Middle States policy this year, in trying to get as much participation as possible from administration, as well as from faculty.

Dr. Levi Nwachuku asked Dr. Nelson to clarify the current criteria distinguishing a B.S. from a B.A. at Lincoln University.

Dr. Nelson noted that currently the only differential is one year of language for the B.A. He estimated that 80-85% of Lincoln graduates currently receive a B.S. and 15-20% a B.A.  He shared his personal opinion that science majors should receive a B.S., humanities major should receive a B.A., and social science majors should vary.

Dr. Dana Flint noted that the B.A.-B.S. question had been referred to the Ed. Policies Committee at the September meeting.

Dr. Nwachuku asked who are the members of the Ad-Hoc Reading Committee (in reference to distributed memos of 2/1/05 and 2/23/05 to committee from Dr. Nelson).

Dr. Susan Safford referenced the tops of the memos, where members are listed.  It was pointed out that the list is obsolete, as Dr. Lynette Lee is gone and Dr. Joanne DeBoy has been hired.


  • Minutes of the September 5, 2006 meeting were approved as written.

  • Nominating Committee –  Dr. Susan Safford

    • List of Standing Committee nominations was emailed to faculty on 9/21, with some committees incomplete and needing additional nominations.

    • The following additions were made to committees through nomination and voting:

      • Assessment – Dr. Virginia Smith (Social Science) and Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz (Science – to replace the late Dr. Henderson)

      • Honors and Awards – Dr. Dana Flint

      • Technology – Dr. Safro Kwame

      • Writing Committee – Jason Esters (to replace Dr. Ken Van Dover on sabbatical)

      • Parliamentarian – Dr. Robert Millette

    • Dr. Nwachuku raised several questions/comments regarding Honors and Awards Committee during nominations

      • What does Honors Committee do? (Dr. Safford’s response: don’t know; removed from Bylaws).

      • In the past three years faculty has had no input in student honors and awards (Dr. Nelson asked faculty to return to nominations discussion and voting).

    • It was pointed out that Standing Committees are listed in Bylaws, while Ad Hoc Committees are not, and that Ad Hoc committees do not belong on the Standing Committees list.

    • Dr. Safford pointed out that it is the duty or the first person on the list of each standing committee to convene the first meeting of the year, and at the first meeting the new chair is elected.


  • Dr. Nwachuku asked to return to discussion initiated during Nominations about duties of committees.

    • Dr. Nelson suggested looking in old CBAs to ascertain duties of committees listed in old bylaws.

    • Dr. Nelson raised the question of whether or not we actually need all the committees that are currently in place.

  • Middle States

    • Dr. James DeBoy suggested that one person from the Middle States Task Force on faculty governance sit in on the next meeting of the Bylaws Committee (A. Bryson reported that the Bylaws Committee would be meeting the next day).

    • Dr. Babatunde asserted that one problem with Middle States is that administrators are in chair positions.  (Dr. Stine responded that we are following new Middle States requirements to involve administrators.)

  • Parking, trash, recycling: A. Bryson complained that people are getting ticketed for parking in areas that are not marked as “No Parking” and that dumpsters have disappeared without prior written notice

  • Dr. Millette spoke about the need for speed bumps and signs and raised the question of whether or not we have a Safety Committee (Answer: yes, but not a faculty committee).  The need for faculty involvement in such a committee was raised. 

  • Dr. Safford spoke about the need for a committee to set up a violence response plan.


  • Dr. David Royer announced postponement of Dr. Henderson’s memorial service because of  ongoing Chapel renovations. Some faculty urged not to postpone, but to hold it elsewhere.

  • Dr. Mel Leaman reported that United Way of Southern Chester County had raised $1.1 million in its recent campaign.

  • SGA president asked the Middle States Steering Committee to give students extra credit for serving on the committee. 

  • SGA president announced that they are putting together a Homecoming program with paid ads:  $110/full page, $50/½ page and $20/¼ page.

  • Dr. Millette congratulated Dr. James DeBoy, faculty representative to the LU Board of Trustees, for his recent report, and recommended that the university should revisit the question of giving the faculty voting rights on the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 PM.Respectfully submitted,Susan Gunn Pevar
Faculty Secretary


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