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Dickey Hall Auditorium
TUESDAY, September 5, 2006

Dr. Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in the Dickey Hall Auditorium.
Student Government President Stephanie Cameron presented a report outlining SGA missions and goals for the year.  These are subsumed under the theme for the year, “Making a Difference.”  Plans include implementing a number of programs, such as student study sessions, “Adopt-a-Spot” to help keep the campus clean, building relationships with students on various other campuses, the Sankofa Project  (see ), and Community Service Opportunities.   SGA also hopes to build relationships with the faculty of Lincoln, outside the classroom.

Dr. Nelson reported on a one-year, $2,000,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  The funds will be applied as follows:

School of Humanities  
Mass Communications $185,000
Interdisciplinary Art Program $73,000
Total $258,000
School Social and Behavioral Sciences
Business (Finance) $70,000
Business (Accounting) $70,000
Business (SAP Upgrade)  $28,000
Teacher Education  
(Praxis LAB on Campus) $70,000)
Teacher Education  
(Praxis LAB at Graduate Center) $55,000
Total $293,000
School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Biomedical and Environmental Sciences $236,000
Total $236,000
Total for Centers of Excellence
Total for Retention Strategies
Total for Technology Upgrades 
Grand Total                                                                  $2,000,000





Minutes from the April 25, 2006 Meeting were approved as written.


1.       BA/BS Issue:  Dr. Nelson charged faculty to begin to think about the BA/BS issue, to come up with distinguishing criteria for each degree.  Discussion led to agreement that the Educational Policies Committee should bring a proposal to the floor.  Dr. Nelson charged the committee to bring something to the faculty by November.  September 2007 would be the earliest that the new policy would be implemented.

 2.      Constitution Day: Dr. Safro Kwame presented a draft proposal for a Constitution Day program see attachment).  Such a program is a requirement for institutions receiving federal funding, including federal financial aid to students.  Dr. Kwame’s proposal included two programs—one on Tuesday, September 12 in Dickey Hall on the topic of “The U.S. Constitution and Citizenship” and one on Saturday, September 16 at the graduate Urban Center in Philadelphia, which would consist of a class discussion of the U.S. Constitution using systems theory, under the direction of Prof. Frank P. Worts.  Faculty members were invited to volunteer to participate as panelists in the on-campus program.  The proposal was made to broadcast the program on the campus radio and TV stations.


Dr. Venerable invited each of the deans to introduce the new faculty members in their schools.  They are:  

Dr. Karen Baskerville – full-time Assistant Professor
Dr. Matthew Berezuk - full-time visiting Assistant Professor
Nancy Smith - full-time Lab Instructor
Dianne York - part-time adjunct Instructor

Math and Computer Science: 
Dr. Timoth Niiler - Lecturer
Mr. Fidelis Omuyeh - Lecturer, Computer Science

Dr. Carol Ann George, Director of Student Teaching,
Mr. Emery Petchauer, Visiting Assistant Professor,
Dr. Patricia Lewis-West, Assistant Professor, and
Ms. Camika Royal, Visiting Instructor

Dr. Venerable shared his correspondence with Dr. Flint re implementation of the New Undergraduate Curriculum, involving the transition from old to new (see attachments: Venerable to Flint 9/5/06; Venerable to Faculty 4/5/06, Capstone Courses Fall 2006). 

Dr. Royer announced the Memorial Service for the late Dr. Bobby Marshall Henderson, scheduled for Thursday, October 5, at 1 PM, to be held in the Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel, unless renovations make that location impossible.  October 5 would have been Dr. Henderson’s 61st birthday.

Dr. Royer also announced a memorial endowment fund for the late Dr. Bobby Marshall Henderson, to be used for scholarships (see attached flyer).

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Gunn Pevar

Faculty Secretary


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