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Faculty Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

President Ivory Nelson called the meeting to order shortly after 10 A.M.
in the Dickey Hall Auditorium.

I. President’s Report: 
Dr. Nelson described his “dream” for Lincoln University, although couldn’t promise specific dates would materialize:

  • Faculty will be moving back into University Hall and Ware Center in the fall. 
  • Bond funding will provide new equipment and furniture. 
  • State-of-the art art labs that are presently being planned will be completed. 
  • There will be increased security on campus.
  • The SUB is to be completed by January. 
  • There will soon be 70 computers on the 3rd floor of Dickey Hall, for the use of everyone.

The president emphasized that all of the renovation and new programs should be used by all departments across the university; they are for the benefit of the total university and faculty should use their imagination, share info and expertise. 
Dr. Nelson and Prof. Jeff Chapp described the PDE grant that provided a consultant who is cataloging and photographing the art collection and putting the old database into a modern system.
Dr. Babatunde mentioned that the main part of the Barnes collection is African Art and that there is much faculty expertise on campus that could be used in the cataloging.
Dr. Kinsey asked if it would be possible to have stop signs outside the three gates on campus.  The president said that they will be spending $15 million on campus including parking improvement, and he welcomes all suggestions.

III. Action Items:

  • Minutes of the April 3, 2007, meeting were approved.
  • Dr. Simington presented the graduate list; it was approved pending necessary changes.
  • Dr. Willis moved that Henry Louis Dennison, a religion major, be granted a posthumous degree.  Motion passed.
  • Added to the Agenda:  Dr. Susan Safford distributed a list of 2007 faculty standing committees and the nomination slate for committees for the 2007-2008 academic year.  The slate was passed with one change:  Dr. Muzorewa was substituted for Dr. Joanne DeBoy on the Admissions, Academic Standing and Financial Aid Committee.
  • Discussion Items:
  • Middle States: Dr. Stine thanked the faculty for their participation in the April 23, 2007, Assessment Day and encouraged everyone to continue the important conversation begun that day.  Dr. Nelson reported that Dr. Thelma Thompson, President of the University Of Maryland Eastern Shore and chair of the visiting team for Lincoln’s 2008 self study, will be making a preliminary visit to campus at the end of September, 2007, to meet with the Steering Committee, the executive officers, faculty and students, and offer advice for preparation for the team’s visit which will take place April 2008.


  • Announcements

Dr. Joanne Deboy distributed a handout with recommendations from the Ad Hoc Reading Committee, recommending that books should be attached to core courses and that the choice of books would be up to the departments.  Discussion concerned whether there was to be a free-standing list or not; the committee recommended departmental choice with reading attached to classes and reflected in syllabi, but said that the choices could eventually grow into a list.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Gunn Pevar, Faculty Secretary



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