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Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Dickey Hall Auditorium

Dr. Nelson convened the meeting at 4:10 PM.

Report From The Student Government Association . . . Ms. Erica Campbell, SGA President:

Ms. Campbell noted that the 2005 Homecoming went very well, and more money was raised for SGA during this homecoming than any other previous homecomings. Ms. Campbell also noted student complaints directed at food services concerning food, service, and a lack of cleanliness.

Report from the President . . . . . . . .  Dr. Ivory V. Nelson

Dr. Nelson commented on the professionalism of the SGA and underlined the fact that that this was the best SGA since he had become president of Lincoln University. In addition, Dr. Nelson said that the design phase for a $6 million dollar renovation of The Langston Hughes Memorial Library and a $6 million dollar renovation of Wright Hall had been approved. Moreover, Dr. Nelson referred to the National Survey of Student Engagement report that highlighted the Lincoln University’s faculty success in teaching when compared to faculty at other universities in the region and around the country. The statistically significant difference between Lincoln University faculty and faculty at other schools was especially notable in the area of faculty-student interaction.


  1. Update from the Bookstore . . . . . . . .Mr. Dan Stefanopoulos, Manager
  2. Mr. Stefanopoulos urged the faculty to get their book adoption orders to the bookstore as soon as possible so that the bookstore could offer used books to the students. Mr. Stefanopoulos noted that Dos Mundos, a widely used Spanish language textbook, now cost $178.00 new.
  3. Update from the Lectures & Recitals Committee . . . . .Ms. Susan Pevar asked the faculty to fill out surveys on recent recital events that were handed out at the meeting.


  1. Core Curriculum Using the New Curriculum Structure Model. . . .Dr. Grant D. Venerable, II reported that a consensus was coming together on the core curriculum.
  2. Post-Tenure Review Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . .Dr. David Royer. Please see DRAFT-Post Tenure Review, 10/16/05 on Lincoln University’s Website. Concerns about the draft proposal raised during discussion included a caution that the faculty proceed carefully on this issue because of possible adverse implications that might manifest themselves in the future. Another concern that was raised was that faculty evaluations of chairs and deans mandated by the by-laws were not always carried out. Lastly, a concern was raised about an annual review. It was pointed out that at other institutions, such as University of Michigan, professors come up for review at five or seven year intervals.
  3. Board of Trustees Distinguished Faculty Award Guidelines . . .Mr. Ali Barimani explained the new way in which awards will be given. The awarding of The Henry Cornwell Distinguished Teaching Award, The Hildrus S. Poindexter Distinguished Research Award, and The Soraya M. Coley Distinguished Service Award involves a five-step process that is described in UPDATE-The Lincoln University Board of Trustees Distinguished Faculty Award.


  1. Approval of Minutes from the October 4, 2005 Meeting . . . minutes were approved.
  2. Approval of New Three-Year Calendar . . . . . calendar was approved. The faculty also voted to make the deadline for the submission of final grades for seniors on Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 11:59 PM.
  3. Recommendations from the Curriculum Committee . . . .Dr. James DeBoy. Dr. DeBoy referred the body to the Core Curriculum Philosophy and Core Curriculum Learner Outcomes (8 Competencies) statements that were approved by the Joint Committee of EPC and Curriculum so that the body can vote on the Core Curriculum at next month’s meeting.                  

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Donald J. Bradt
Faculty Secretary

Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 179, Lincoln University, PA 19352 \ (484) 365-8000
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