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Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Meeting

 Tuesday, October 4, 2005
Dickey Hall Auditorium

Dr. Nelson convened the meeting 4:10 PM.

Report From The Student Government Association . . . Ms. Erica Campbell, SGA

President: Ms. Campbell outlined some of the projects that SGA was working on. For instance, CIVIL aims to promote student safety, positive relationships among students, and awareness of the dangers of risky behaviors such as alcohol consumption.

Ms. Campbell also explained that “Adopt-A-Spot” is a program in which students will beautify the campus especially after such events as Homecoming.

The SGA president emphasized that the Hurricane Katrina relief effort must be an ongoing effort and that Lincoln University students will continue to be actively involved in helping the victims of the hurricane.

Moreover, Ms. Campbell urged the faculty to donate books as a way of contributing to the Lincoln University Legacy Fund.


Report from the President . . . . . . . .  Dr. Ivory V. Nelson:

Dr. Nelson noted that the Third Annual Lincoln Legacy Awards Program would occur on Friday, October 21, 2005, the day before Homecoming.

Dr. Nelson also noted the Memorial for Dr. H. Alfred Farrell would occur on October 22, 2005.

In addition, Thursday, November 4, 2005 will be the date of the Honors Convocation.

Action Items . . . .Dr. Ivory V. Nelson acting for Grant D. Venerable, II

    1. The minutes from the September 6, 2005 meeting were approved
    2. Recommendations from the Nominations Committee . . . Dr. Willie Williams nominated Ms. Susan Pevar to replace Dr. San-ky Kim on the Lectures and Recitals Committee. The nomination was approved.

Discussion Item

    1. Update on The United Way Campaign . . . . . . . Dr. Melvin Leaman:

Dr. Leaman i ntroduced Ms. Kerry Freeman of the Southern Chester County United Way who gave an overview of the activities of the organization in the area. Ms. Freeman then introduced Ms. Sharon Strawder, a Lincoln University student and intern at the United Way. Ms. Strawder writes news releases and does other public information work for the organization.

Committee Reports

    1. Committee on Post Tenure Review** . . . . Dr. David Royer stated that a full report had not yet been completed. Dr. Nelson suggested that faculty offer suggestions and input to the committee. Dr. Nelson stressed the importance of faculty input directed at the committee before the committee writes the formal report and presents the report at the faculty meeting. Dr. Royer offered his email address as a site for suggestions and/or a chat room. Dr. Royer also noted that he was particularly interested in the post-tenure review policies that other universities were developing.
    2. Committee on Establishing Writing Examination and Intensive Writing Courses** . . .Dr. Marilyn Button noted that the strength of the proposal is that it would infuse responsibility for writing excellence throughout the university faculty. Dr. Button also noted that a test administrator will be hired.
    3. Committee on Establishing the Board of Trustees Distinguished Faculty Award Criteria** . . . Dr. Patricia Joseph emphasized that this proposal outlined a set of clearly stated criteria for giving the three awards.
    4. Committee on Establishing Reading Examination and Developing a University Reading List ** . . . Dr. Lenetta Lee explained that the committee’s proposal was developed in order that all Lincoln University students display a proficiency in reading by earning a passing grade on a reading examination and in order that Lincoln University faculty develop a required reading list students reflects the liberal arts and science-based core curriculum of Lincoln University

Response to PA Department of Education** . . . Dr. Judith A. W. Thomas on behalf of Dr. Grant D. Venerable, II. Dr. Thomas stated that Dr. DeBoy and the Education Department and the faculty in the cognate areas had responded to the general standards and specific guidelines advanced by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Dr. Thomas said the report would go the Pennsylvania Department of Education by October 30, 2005. Dr. Thomas also thanked everyone who worked very diligently on the report.

Response to Monitoring Report of Middle States Association**. . .Dr. Gladys J. Willis on behalf of Dr. Grant D. Venerable, II. Dr. Willis stated that the monitoring report addresses Lincoln’s progress in student retention, in teaching and learning through of assessment of student performance, and in the linkage of resource allocation to the institutional strategic plan. Dr. Willis emphasized the need for clear assessment plans supported by data.


A. Dr. Alvin Amos announced that applications for sabbatical, tenure and/ or promotion were due by October 28, 2005.

** Items can be found on the LU Website.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:37 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Donald J. Bradt
Faculty Secretary 




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