Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, November 9, 2004
Wright Hall Auditorium

Dr. Nelson convened the meeting 4:07 PM.


Dr. Nelson stated that Lincoln University Board of Trustees Educational Policy Committee would meet with the Lincoln University Faculty Educational Policy Committee on November 19, 2004. He also stated that he would act as a staff person at this meeting in order to remind the Board of Trustees to make broad policy recommendations.

Dr. Nelson then directed the body to consider the handout entitled, "The Road to Excellence" especially the arrows pointing to top tier university status. He explained that the goal of attaining top tier university status would have to involve an intrinsic commitment within the mindsets of individuals. Dr. Nelson emphasized the commitment it would take to reach this level by noting that it took Hampton University 27 years to get to this level.

Moreover, Dr. Nelson stated that Lincoln University would have to have a specific focus. Hence, centers of excellence are needed to make Lincoln University more marketable to the world-to give Lincoln University a certain cachet. All academic units will be needed to propel these centers of excellence.

Athletics will have to be an important part of this drive toward excellence. Smaller HBCUs have brought back football. Why? For one reason, the sport enhances enrollment especially male enrollment. We need to attract and keep male students. There is a great interest in providing Lincoln University football. But all this will take money. For instance, money is needed for a marching band and money to comply with Title IX. Also, the Board of Trustees has passed a resolution that all our students have laptop which will cost money-to buy and service them.

II. Action Item Grant D. Venerable, II, Ph.D., Vice-President for Academic Affairs

A. Approval of Minutes from the October 5, 2004

Meeting The minutes from the October 5, 2004 meeting were approved with the following correction: the minutes referred to The War Center when it should have read The Ware Center.

B. Recommendations from the Educational and Curriculum Committees

1. Approval of new Studio Arts Courses-ART 102, ART 202, ART 302 Dr. Chapp explained that ART 102 - Introduction to Digital Arts: Tool and Techniques, ART 202 - Graphic Arts I: Digital Imaging and Typography, and ART 302 - Graphic Arts II: A Survey of Digital Multimedia Forms were being introduced as part of a concentration in Graphic Arts. The faculty approved the new courses.

2. Approval of new Psychology Curriculum Dr. Favor explained that the new curriculum was organized around three tracks. Dr. Favor stated that the new curriculum meets the needs of students with different, often unarticulated interests. He also stated that the changes reflect changes within the field of psychology. The faculty voted in favor of the new psychology curriculum.

III. Discussion Items

A. Faculty Travel Dr. DeBoy stated that the new travel raises some issues. Dr. Venerable: All travel goes on my credit card i.e. I am responsible for travel. Dr. DeBoy: What about faculty who can get cheaper flights? Dr. Venerable: International Tours can over the long run minimize what we pay vs. having our own travel office. Dr. DeBoy: We cannot get the three to four signatures needed in 48 hours. Dr. Venerable: We have been able to do this except for one glitch. Dr. Shabazz: This policy is extremely oppressive. For instance, in a letter to the members of the Science division it was stated-You will not be reimbursed for travel even if you get a cheaper rate. -You cannot go through the Internet. I go to many professional meetings and Lincoln University pays for only part of the cost. Why should I be constrained by International Travel. Dr. Venerable: This is not an attempt to obviate your professional opportunities. The travel authorization is to allow faculty members to make other arrangements for class. Dr. Dade: In addition to wanting to spend our money frugally-9-11 concerns us as per specific airlines. Dr. Siddique: The administration is saying go with the higher airfare. Dr. Herring: It seems that faculty want to stretch their travel money. Dr. Venerable: I had to go from using Word Perfect to using Word. I called Mr. Carol about getting Word Perfect and Mr. Carol said that it could not be done because the system is configured around Word. International Travel allows us to get the cheapest rates on travel and accommodations with guarantees at the lowest price over the long run. Dr. Dade: There was no vote on the change in the academic calendar. And we still need to receive a report on Academic Excellence. Dr. Venerable: The faculty recommends. The administration makes decisions on policy. Dr. Safford: You should consult with faculty. Dr. Babatunde: Most of the rights of the faculty are being eroded. Dr. Venerable: When it is not possible to consult with faculty, the administration must make decisions. Dr. Nelson reminded the body of the new policy in which students cannot walk but not graduate in May 2005; moreover, he stated that students may not graduate unless they have paid all fees and other financial obligations to the university. Dr. DeBoy suggested that in addition to the letters going out to all graduating seniors word of this policy could go through all chairs to all the faculty to insure that the students were completely aware of this policy.

IV. Announcements

Dr. Prigg: This Friday and Saturday is the Langston Hughes Poetry Workshop. We would like to see a lot of students participate both in the workshop and in the readings. Space available for the workshop is limited. So, we ask students who want to participate in the workshop to contact me no later than Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting was adjourned at 5: 25 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Donald J. Bradt Faculty Secretary


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