Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Dickey Hall Auditorium

Dr. Nelson convened the meeting at 4:12 PM.

I. REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT . . . . . . . .Dr. Ivory Nelson

If the weather is nice on Sunday, May 02, 2004, commencement exercises will be held at the track. Seven thousand people can be seated at the track. On the other hand, bad weather would force the commencement exercises to be held in the gymnasium, which can only hold 3,000 people. This would force the university to limit the number of guests graduating students can invite. So, we are hoping for good weather.

During the summer, we will be breaking ground on the new residence hall. The bonds for the new residence hall have been rated A3 by Moody's, which is investment grade and is as good a rating as bond issues by such HBCUs as Howard University. The new residence hall will cost around $21 million and will be built in two phases: two hundred spaces will be built by September 2005 and 200 more spaces by September 2006.

We will switch over to our new phone system by May 20, 2004. We already have a new electrical system. We are waiting for approval to name the architects for the renovation of the Ware Center and the renovation of University Hall. As soon as the Commonwealth's new capital budget is approved, we will have authority to build our new International Cultural Center. Dr. Louden asked whether individuals could buy the bonds that Lincoln was issuing. Dr. Nelson said that as soon as the bonds come out he would make the information known. Dr. Prigg asked if the $125,000 that is to be spent on repairs to the President's House could be delineated in further detail. Dr. Nelson responded that the outside of the house is badly in need of repair. Dr. Nelson added that the house is historic, dating back to 1890.

II. ACTION ITEMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dr. Grant Venerable, Presiding

A. Approval of Minutes from the April 6, 2004. The faculty voted to approve the minutes.

B. 2004 Graduate List . . . . . . . Mr. James Simington, Registrar: The faculty voted to approve the 2004 list of graduate and to give Mr. Simington the authority to add or delete names as needed as final grades became available.

C. Recommendation from the Educational Policies Committee . . . Dr. Venerable: 1.) BIO 100-The faculty voted to postpone further consideration of BIO100 and have the Educational Policies Committee consider this course and all other 100 courses. Dr. Dade also volunteered to do research on expectations, goal setting, and educational outcomes. 2.) Honors Curriculum Proposal-The recommendation for adopting the Honors curriculum proposal with 2004-2005 as the implementation planning year and 2005-2006 as the first year of operations was passed by the faculty. 3.) The faculty also approved BIO306 Environmental Toxicology.

D. Recommendations from the Nominations Committee . . .Dr. Dade Dr. Marie Nigro's nomination to the Nominations Committee was approved by the faculty.


Dr. Venerable asked each faculty member to consider what knowledge and skills each Lincoln graduate should possess as a way of setting the stage for a fuller discussion of the core curriculum proposal.


Dr. Flint announced that faculty should be in Rm. 110 at 1:00 for Lincoln's 145th Commencement on May 2, 2004. Dr. Flint also said that there were still slots available for anyone wanting to go to the Barnes Foundation on Thursday, April 29, 2004. Dr. Poe announced that he would tell faculty members details regarding faculty development grants after the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Donald J. Bradt
Faculty Secretary


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