Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, March 2, 2004
Multi-purpose Room of the Student Union Building

Dr. Nelson convened the meeting 4:15 PM.


The elections are being rigged by the Vice-President of Internal Affairs. For instance, several of the candidates are supposed to graduate this semester but they plan on taking an extra minor so they can stay an extra year. This is totally against our constitution. This has been a bad year for student government. The students have no agency and have not been helped by administration or faculty. Aside from Dr. Millette, we have gotten little help for our student movement.


Although we do not have quorum, I do have some information that I need to put before you. I want to direct your attention to the orange sheet that pertains to the Praxis Exam. First of all, despite any rumors you may have heard, we are not getting rid of the teacher education program. When the Praxis Exam took place, Lincoln University made an administrative error in its report. When we first made the report to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, we were under the impression that we had to report all Lincoln students who took the Praxis Exam. In fact, we only have to report those students who have completed the teacher education program and who have passed the Praxis Exam. Lincoln's program, when measured in this way, has shown a great deal of improvement. For instance, in the last reporting period, 28 students completed the program and 28 students passed the Praxis Exam. So, I want to thank everyone who is involved in that program and say that you all deserve a round of applause.

Secondly, I need to inform you of two resolutions that the Board of Trustees passed.

One: students will need to complete all graduation requirements, except for two courses, for this year's graduation ceremony. Next May, students must complete all but one course in order to "walk" in the graduation ceremony. In May 2006, students will have to have completed all requirements to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Two: No student can graduate unless all fees have been paid. In the past, the university has been able to write off some student receivables so that students could graduate. In May 2005, this will no longer be the case.

Last week, I testified before the House and Senate Appropriations Committees. Along with the presidents of the other three state-related institutions, I made the case for restoring state funding levels to what they were two years ago. In other words, I made the case for restoring Lincoln University's funding level to $12.9 million, which it was two years ago, from the current level of $12.1 million.

III. Action Items

Dr. Venerable, as chair of the meeting, counted 47 full-time faculty present-one short of a quorum. A motion was made to approve the minutes. However, some faculty complained that the minutes were not distributed with the agenda. There was some discussion of a five-minute recess. Dr. Nelson asked to be recognized. When recognized, Dr. Nelson moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded and approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Donald J. Bradt Faculty Secretary


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